I recently had a conversation with a cowboy visiting from California. We discussed how different Montana was from his place in Sonoma County. After a short chat, we concluded that some parts of California are somewhat normal and may even remind you of a lot of your home in Montana.

You see, this cowboy fit right in as a local in western Montana. He walked and talked like a Montanan. Which is why I almost fell off my barstool when he told me his ranch was located near the Bay Area of California. Even he cringed a little when he mentioned the words SAN FRANCISCO. He convinced me that his little corner of Cali was pretty nice. Making Sonoma County sound like a place a person might want to visit. Especially if you love a visit to win country.


Glacier International Airport has announced non-stop flights from Montana to Sonoma County, CA.

According to the Flathead Beacon

Avelo Airlines today announced it will add a nonstop flight from Glacier Park International Airport (GPIA) to Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport in California’s Bay Area, according to a news release.

With introductory one-way fares starting at $78, service from Kalispell to Sonoma County will begin May 1 and operate twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The route will utilize the Boeing Next-Generation (NG) 737 aircraft.

That sounds like a pretty affordable way to enjoy California's wine country, even if just for a weekend trip. With airfare starting at $78 you can't pass up a deal like that.

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