UPDATE (Aug. 4, 2022): Since this story was first published, Amazon has now issued a correction and revised the documentary cover with an actual photo of Motley Crue.

Amazon is using what appears to be a promo picture of Steel Panther to promote their Prime video documentary Rock n' Roll Icon: Motley Crue. What makes this particularly facepalming for Amazon, more so than mistakenly using any other 80's rock band's pic, is that Steel Panther is a famously-awesome hair-metal act inspired by the hair metal acts of the '80s.

Steel Panther lead vocalist Michael Starr is aware of the online retailer/streaming service giant's flub. The singer reposted a fan video who noticed the pic gaffe on Sunday (July 31). Check out the magnificent screw-up at end of this post.

The photo is of Steel Panther in fine form, posing with savage stares in full glam metal uniform. Big hair with wide headbands, eyeliner and ripped mesh tank tops are on full display.

One odd thing, however: Amazon actually got some of it right! Look at the upper portion of the picture... the correct Motley Crue imaging seems to be there! You can make out the lower half of Vince Neil's face on the far left. Then traveling right even less of Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and then a full upper half Mick Mars. Whomever put this together melded two different photos, of two different bands.

What a bizarre photoshop Frankenstein-ing f-up. You can marvel at a still-shot of this at the link for Rock 'n Roll Icon: Motley Crue here. (Hurry, while it still exists!) — Update: it got changed!

Amazon Prime Uses Steel Panther Picture for Motley Crue Documentary

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