I'll be the first to admit. The constant stream of news about long-time businesses closing in Missoula is really starting to worry me. Yesterday we reported on a local favorite, a long-time eater in Missoula closing its doors forever, and today, even more news of another Missoula store is shutting its doors for good.

It might not seem like it, but as a guy, we do like to dress up sometimes. Putting on a sharp tuxedo and attending a wedding, prom, or some high-end event looking like James Bond is a total confidence booster. Everyone feels better when they look better. Unfortunately as far as getting a tuxedo for that special occasion, just became much more difficult as the Tuxedo and Suit Gallery of Missoula has permanently closed.

The rumor started circling on Reddit, and now when you google them, they are listed as closed. The news was true and sad.

They say when one door closes, another one opens, and in this case, there is a bit of bright light.  This area is prime real estate for businesses, although I can't even imagine what the lease cost is around the hip-strip. Another rumor that started circling is who the new tenants would be. I did some digging, and their neighbor, Compass Barber Shop, will be packing up and moving right next door. I called Compass to confirm, and a representative on the phone confirmed the news they hope to be remodeled and up and running toward the end of 2023.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Thanks to the Tuxedo Gallery for all the hard work and memories they helped local Missoulians create during their place in the Zoo. Like many other businesses that have closed lately, you will be missed.

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