Is it global warming or just a run of bad luck? Why have the last few winters been so frustrating for people who love winter sports. The mountains are not gathering as much snow as we would like. And the lakes and reservoirs are not getting as much ice as we are need to fish.

I have always been a fan of ice fishing. As a born and bred Montanan, it has always been an annual tradition to go poke holes in ice and "rip lips." But, milder winters lately have made this past time a lot different. In fact, last year I was so desperate to get out and fish, that I braved walking out onto a lake with only 2 1/2 inches of ice under me. As a BIG GUY, you can only imagine how interesting this fishing trip got. Did I go in the water? NO. But, it was as close as I could get to walking a tight rope between buildings. So why did I take the risk? Maybe because I have somewhat of an addiction to "hard water" fishing.

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Ice begins to be "safe" at around 4 - 6 inches thickness. Do not even walk on ice 3" or less in thickness. However, even at a 9" - 10" thickness, there may be unforeseen hazards such as a flowing current underneath that is ceaselessly weakening the underside of the ice. In this instance, even the thickness is not a good indicator of safety, as the ice could collapse at any time.

If you are like me and taking risks in order to get your ice fishing fix, you may be an Ice Fish-aholic. Learn more signs to look for with the following educational video.

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