With the expanding variety of craft beers hitting the shelves, home-brewing has become more and more popular around the state. You can purchase a home brew kit for as little as $100 and be making gallons of your own beer at home. You can even bottle your beer and customize your labels. Unfortunatly for one local brewer, their custom home brew bottle went missing. Good news is, it turned up at the Bayern bottle washing department.

Bayern is leading the charge in producing less waste and a smaller carbon footprint for micro breweries. They have the only bottle wash plant in the PNW and are showing other breweries how effective it can be. Customers simply drop off there empty bottles at drop off points around town, and Bayern will pick them up and recycle them.

Recently, a bottle showed up to the plant that DID NOT have a Bayern label on it. Instead it was a custom label, showing what appears to be 3 friends wearing patriotic bikinis.

Bayern wants these people to know, that they are keeping the bottle in a safe place until it is claimed by its rightful owners. All that they ask is for a short explanation of the picture featured on the label.

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