No joke.  Phil Courville & his super hot fiancee Brittanie have named their son Jaxon Blaze Courville. Phil has been a loyal Blaze listener since we launched the station in 2000.  Over the years he's shown his tremendous support for the station by showing up at every show he could make it to and by sending the random "hey, loved today's playlist" emails.  Dude loves The Blaze, plain and simple.  In fact, his entire family does.  I had a chance to finally meet Phil and Brittanie a few years back at a show at the Wilma, super cool people, down folks you can hang with.

With that said, we were still quite surprised, and definitely honored, to receive this email from Phil last week:

Good afternoon Angel, as a devoted & loyal Blaze listener (since the beginning) I just had to inform you of my AWESOME news this past ten days:

My fiancee, Brittanie, and I welcomed our 3rd child (and 3rd boy) to this world on my birthday (now OURS), January 20, 2012 at Community Hospital.  Just so happens that 36 years ago, to the day, I was born.  My son, JAXON BLAZE COURVILLE, is 1st day of Aquarius born in the year of the Dragon, a Water Dragon, like myself.  Anyways, my fiancee and myself were together in our thought of 'Blaze' as a middle name.  The decision was easy...we both love the Blaze (the ONLY radio station worth listening to) and the concerts y'all have brought to our area.  So thank you Angel, and everyone else at the Blaze, for kicking ass on a daily basis and giving us inspiration to name our son after the best radio station ANYWHERE!!!

Naturally I requested PICS of Baby Blaze and all the details...
Proud Papa responded,
Our lil' guy, Jaxon Blaze Courville was born at 4:28pm on January 20, 2012 at Community Hospital.  Jaxon came into this world at a length of 20 inches and weighed 7 lbs 8 oz; Jaxon has 2 older brothers: Hayden Michael (5 but quick to tell you he turns 6 on May 8th) and Xander Cain (3; birthday Nov. 8th).  

Proud parents are Brittanie Cordier & myself.  We reside on the Flathead Reservation (Arlee); I am the Production Supervisor at Ashley-Martin Manufacturing, located north of Arlee and Brittanie is currently pursuing her Bachelor's Degree through the University of Phoenix Online (in her 3rd year for Medical Records).  We plan on getting married later this year in July.
Like his brothers, Jaxon will grow up listening to the Blaze (but they will all know their classic rock as well!)  I am already looking forward to the day when I can take all 3 boys and their mom to a kick ass concert.  Again, thank you Angel & the rest of staff at The Blaze!
Keep Rockin' the Rez!!

We always say you guys are our family, I guess this goes to show you think of us the same way.  Thank you to Phil & his family for sharing the news and for their support!  Our traditional Blaze baby gift is on the way.

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