Judging by what I saw on my desk when I walked in at 5am, the best place in Missoula to get a birthday drink is my office!

(Naturally it's against company policy to consume alcohol in the building so if my bosses are reading this, I want to start by saying this is a phony pic set up for blogging purposes only and I totally did NOT drink these beers before my shift.  Totally...didn't...even...consider...it...)

The best places in Missoula to get a birthday drink depends on what kind of party you're looking for.  If it's the middle of the day and you're trying not to run into any co-workers, I've found the Eagles Lodge on South behind Rosauers to get a cheap drink and really good lunch.  Crap, now you know my secret...

If you're going out for stiff drinks, a good jukebox and the best people watching there is, my favorites are:

 The Silver Dollar Bar (The Buck, The Dirty Dollar, whatever you wanna call it.)  I call it my "family" bar simply because I can walk in there at any time on any given day and know and/or be related to, a minimum of 4 people in the bar.

Als & Vics  My all time favorite place to get rowdy.  I've somehow managed never to have been kicked out of there, they have a high tolerance for obnoxiousness and the cheapest stiff drink you can get.

The Ox  Every band who has been through Missoula has been to The Oxford.  Neal from Royal Bliss says he loves to play here because of the people...and breakfast at The Ox.  Good spot to chill, do some shots & watch hobo fights.

Two best places to go if somebody else is paying:  Fred's and The Fox Club.

If you're out for frat boy fun there's always Stocks, The Rhino and the I-Ho (Iron Horse).  In fact, the Iron Horse has a pretty kick ass playlist on weekend nights and the secret bar upstairs is a killer place to take bands.

And if you want a super SUPER secret place nobody will ever find you, take cover downstairs at Double Front Chicken.  Yes there's a bar down there!  Complete with pool table, a hot blonde bartender & of course, chicken.  Dang, now you know ALL of my secrets!

As always, drink responsibly, don't be the next jackass to get a DUI, call a friend or stagger home, it's perfect weather for it.  And in celebration of my birthday, we're giving YOU the gifts.  Claim your Foo Fighters collectibles HERE

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