Whenever something wacky happens here in Big Sky Country, we always hear the phrase "Only in Montana." But, this seems more like something a person would find in Alaska. A team of sled dogs on the loose.

The Billings police department was recently called to try and catch a team of sled dogs on the loose in downtown Billings. But how does a sled dog team find themselves running red lights, in the largest city in Montana?

According to KTVQ

“I had all four dogs out with my sled, and we were going really well. It was going great, and part of the reason we do a lot of these early runs is just for training. We work on our gee and ha, which is left and right,” dog owner Jen Mignard of Billings said.

Mignard was practicing for a mushing competition at Norm's Island in south Billings when she tipped and was left behind.

See for yourself, the BPD involved in a low speed chase. Where is LIVE:PD on this one?

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