It’s been a while since Billy Corgan last made headlines for getting into a slap fight with another band. We figured maybe he had decided to lay low as he prepares for the Smashing Pumpkins‘ upcoming tour, but most likely, it’s because he’s run out of bands to complain about. That was the implication last Friday (Aug. 31), when Corgan went on the radio to clarify his recent remarks about Soundgarden.

Speaking to Denver’s KTCL, Corgan, who is not a jukebox, claimed he was hurt by comments made by Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, who Corgan considered a friend back in 2007.

“I kind of have an elephant’s memory when it comes to somebody punching me in the face,” he said. “Cornell’s one of those people who is extremely talented. I was a fan from literally their 2nd EP, met him in 1991 and still believe in what was great about the band. But when we’re sitting there having conversations about who is doing what, I am no longer going to shield somebody, if they want to punch me in the face I’m happy to punch them back in the face.”

Corgan’s willingness to fight back was evident in the swipe he took at Cornell’s solo album ‘Scream,’ which was produced by Timbaland and released in 2009 to overwhelmingly negative reviews. “People gloss over the Timbaland album, haha, you know what I mean?” Corgan continued. “[A]nd I don’t appreciate when somebody from my generation, who I once considered a friend, decides to piss on my little spot in the corner for whatever reason at the same time he’s making the Timbaland album, you know what I mean?”

Listen to KTCL’s interview with Billy Corgan

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