TSI/ST. Mary's
TSI/ST. Mary's

Still receiving some bone chilling stories from candidates for our upcoming Blaze Ghost Hunt. Check out John Stewart's story of his trip to the cemetery.

Wow, I have so many experiences...when I was living in Mississippi a few years back my mom and I would go to cemeteries at night and take pictures. This one particular night we went to this old cemetery that dates back to the civil wars days...it's called The Bond Cemetery. It's very old and very creepy. I often would hear voices there too. I started taking pictures and talking to any of the spirits. After I took several pictures I looked back through my photos..which were mostly of orbs. However, I noticed 3 pictures that looked blank as if my camera had malfunctioned. I then heard a bone chilling voice that said, "Get Out!" No one lived near this cemetery. The voice made the hair on my head raise. My mom looked over at me and said, "what's wrong?" I told her that I heard a voice that said, "get out". We then got in the truck and left. When I got home I uploaded all my photos that I took to my laptop. I wanted to see those 3 photos immediately..in the 1st photo was 3 little swirling lights in upper left side of the photo, the 2nd photo was 3 apparitions...full body apparitions- a tall man on the left, little child in the middle, and a lady wearing a dress on the right. WOW!! The 3rd pic was the those same 3 little swirling lights in the upper right side of the photo. When we first arrived at the cemetery I did an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) I uploaded the file to my laptop also. When I played back the audio I heard an old mans voice which said, "help me". That was a very interesting night. I have so many stories and experiences but this is one of my best experiences that have.

Good stuff John. I had a similar experience at a local cemetery, except I didn't catch apparitions on film. I did catch the same weird light streams you are talking about. I couldn't explain why they showed up. I even went as far as to play with the exposure of the camera, but never got the same result.

If you would like to be considered to be part of this year's investigation, simply submit a creepy story like John's. All who submit a story will entered for a chance to join us for our paranormal investigation on October 30th.

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