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Blaze Ghost Hunt – Grocery Getter
Only a few more days left to submit your spooky stories, for a chance to join us for our annual Blaze Ghost Hunt. We recently received a great story from Nadine, that tells us of a strange story about her and her children.
Dad Makes Evil Laugh and Scares Baby [VIDEO]
With the annual Blaze Ghost Hunt coming up on October 30th, we are looking for candidates to join our investigation, but you need to meet a few requirements. 1) you need good bladder control and 2) you need to not be easily scared. Check out the following video of a dad giving his daughter an evil l…
Blaze Ghost Hunt - Paranormal Parenting
Starting to get some great submissions, from Blazers interested in joining the annual Ghost Hunt. Everyone who enters will be eligible to join myself and Tortured Souls Investigations, for a TOP SECRET paranormal investigation. One of our latest submissions gave me the chills. Hear Devi share her st…