Starting to get some great submissions, from Blazers interested in joining the annual Ghost Hunt. Everyone who enters will be eligible to join myself and Tortured Souls Investigations, for a TOP SECRET paranormal investigation. One of our latest submissions gave me the chills. Hear Devi share her story of a ghostly child haunting her home.

About a year ago a lot of creepy things were happening in my home. It was the middle of the night & something had woke me up. I was in my bed & I looked out my bedroom door to the living room, next to the door we have stares going up to the loft as I'm looking out half way up the stares a little face with long hair hanging in it peek's out & looks at me. I thought it was my daughter who was 5 at that time, I thought what a little creeper why is she sitting on the stares in the dark by herself? & then I hear her make a little noise she is asleep beside me in bed. I look back out the door & there is no one there. A few nights later my husband & I are getting ready for bed its probably around 1am we had just turned the t.v. off the house is now silent. We are in the kitchen I'm telling him about the creepy things that have been going on, he's trying to tell me that there are no such things as ghost. Just then we hear(MAMA)we both look to the bedroom. Yes I am a mom but the thing is my 2 kids were at grandma's house. The first thing I said to my husband was you heard it I know you did we both looked over at the same time.

Whoa Devi, if it is one thing that will turn me into Shaggy from Scooby Doo, is ghost of children. It is great that the activity was enough to make your husband not deny he heard something.

For any one interested I joining the investigation on October 30th, Do what Devi did and submit your story.

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