Here in Montana, when a sportsman bags a beast, they typically enjoy showing off their trophy during the trip back from hunting camp. During hunting season, you will see that the critters were loaded in such a way as to display them to passing motorists. Sometimes, when gassing up or getting a bite to eat, curious people will stroll by and peak in the back of your truck just to get a glimpse of your haul.

As macabre as it sounds, I have proudly shown off a successful hunt by loading my game into the truck in different poses. There was the time I loaded a bull elk, so that he stradled the ATV I had in the back of the truck. I looked like the bull was riding the ATV all the way to the freezer. Or how about the time I loaded a trophy buck in the back of the truck in such a way that anyone I met coming towards me on the highway would think that a deer was trying to jump over the cab of the pickup.

A couple in Bozeman decided to have some fun with their curious neighbors. They put together what appeared to be a comically large set of elk antlers. They then threw the "rack" in the back of their pick up and paraded it around town. It is obvious that most people just had to get a closer glimpse at a set of antlers that big. The result is hilarious, and looks like a fun way to spend the day.

Successful Montana Elk Hunts


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