By now you have probably heard someone claiming they are obsessed with hanging out at truck stops. Not just any truck stop. A Texas-sized "travel center" that is basically a combination of Town Pump and Walmart. I'm talking about a place known as Buc-ee's.

According to CNN

Buc-ee’s turns what would be a quick trip anywhere else into mid-road trip adventure, said Jeff Lenard, spokesperson for the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).

Buc-ee’s provides those necessities — food, fuel, restrooms — in such overwhelming quantities that a trip might extend a drive by 30 minutes to an hour, Lenard said.

These "travel centers" are known to be pretty big. With the largest Buc-ee's location in Tennesee coming in at 74, 707 square feet. That is nearly 3 times the size of the largest Town Pump in Montana.

In a recent article from USA Today, the popular gas station chain is looking to expand into other markets in the country.

The company has taken a slow and steady approach to expanding, however the first locations north and west of Texas are on the horizon.

The company lists five target openings for locations that are on the way on its contact page:

  • Springfield, Missouri 2024
  • Johnstown, Colorado 2024
  • Hillsboro, Texas 2024
  • Smiths Grove, Kentucky 2024
  • Boerne, Texas 2025

Could the expansion eventually move even further north to Montana? At the rate the company is growing, plus the giant following of loyal fans, it could be a real possibility.

I, for one, am excited to try the fresh brisket sandwiches and "Beaver Nuggets."

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