Following medical updates on COVID 19 from State Health Officer Greg Holzman and epidemiologist Jim Murphy, Governor Steve Bullock addressed one of the most vital issues of the coming weekend; will the Easter Bunny be allowed free reign in Montana?

Happily, that answer was, yes.

At the press conference on Thursday, Bullock addressed the importance of what he termed ‘magical entities’ over the Easter weekend.

“In light of this weekend I’m also issuing a directive providing that certain magical creatures may travel throughout Montana to perform essential services,” said Governor Bullock, barely suppressing a smile. “Magical entities certainly do perform services outside the scope of human abilities. The tradition of Easter egg hunts is an example that has been celebrated by generations of Montanans.”

Bullock directly referenced the Easter Bunny in his remarks.

“I think we can all recognize that the Easter Bunny does perform essential services such as hiding Easter eggs, bringing springtime joy to Montanans all over the state,” he said. “Further, all dental services including magical ones are considered essential services, especially during the time of increased consumption of chocolate eggs, yellow peeps and other related spring treats.”

Finally, Bullock invoked protections for that most elusive of magical entities, the Tooth Fairy.

“The Tooth Fairy is uniquely qualified to perform the service of lost tooth collection to remit payment for lost baby teeth,” he said. “So, under that directive magical entities including, but not limited to the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy may travel freely into and through Montana to perform services essential to Montanans. Additionally, they may leave behind a gift, for example, eggs, chocolates, the fair market value of a baby tooth at every home they visit, and they must follow social distancing guidelines.”

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