My 8 year old and I were just having the conversation about what yummy treats the Easter Bunny was planning on bringing us this year. I said that I am looking forward to stocking up the "snack drawer" with some chocolate bunnies. My 8 year old was focused more on sour candy and taffy. Regardless, I am sure that the Easter Bunny will make a huge mess all over the yard this weekend, and everyone will end up with a treat of some kind.

But, what is Montana's favorite Easter Treat? The folks at Zippia did what they do best and looked at the data for each state to find what treats individual states search for more than others.

According to their website, here is how Zippia came up with the results

We looked at a 2 week block around Easter 2020 to find what folks are searching for the most in each state, prime egg boiling and Easter candy stocking time. How this year changes (if it does) won’t be apparent until after Easter- and who wants to wait that long? Luckily, odds are good most of us will still be gorging on eggs (candied and actual eggs from a chicken) for this year and many years to come.

The results came out pretty spot on for my tastes. I am always a fan of the chocolate around Easter. I mean who doesn't like the morbid act of chomping off a innocent chocolate bunnies ears? But, nothing can compete with the Cadbury Creme Egg.

Montana was one of only 4 states that prefers Cadbury Creme Eggs above all other Easter treats.

See the result for all 50 states here

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