We thought for sure y'all were going to bring the keg to us yesterday, it finally came home this morning, courtesy of Jeff & Brandon.

These dudes were tired as hell when they rolled in about 8:45 this morning (4/18) after working a 17 hour shift. Super nice guys, they'll be enjoying FREE BEER for the next year thanks to the good peeps at Bayern Brewing!!

So where was it? The keg was cuddled next to a big orange construction sign at the Pattee Street loop, right in between the east Caras parking lot and the entrance to Brooks and Browns and the Holiday Inn.

So what's next? Our annual Rad Dad contest, which will also include some free adult beverages.

Don't miss the adult and kid Easter Egg Hunts this Saturday at Bayern. And congrats again to our 2019 Easter Keg Hunt winners Brandon and Jeff!

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