I was already pretty excited about the news that Missoula would be getting a Firehouse Subs on N. Reserve. I'm pretty sure Firehouse made up one of my major food groups when I was living in Florida. Now, it looks like another place I frequented in the Sunshine State will be setting up shop in Missoula as well. An article from the Missoulian says Chick-fil-A will add a location on N. Reserve, pretty close to the new Firehouse Subs, where the Pier 1 Imports used to be.

According to the story: "details are scarce, but the company has applied for a building permit at 2880 Reserve Street."

A lot of people were thinking/hoping that an announcement would eventually come of a Chick-fil-A in Missoula. Kalispell has one and recent news has a new location in the works for Billings. And the way I see it, if they're going to have to deliver food and supplies to those places they might as make it worth their while and drop a spot in Missoula as well!

It wasn't long ago we had the new Panera Bread open on N. Reserve in the Target parking lot. The drive-thru lines were pretty crazy for the first week. Of course, indoor dining wasn't available because of the pandemic - but still - it was quite the sight to see the line of cars wrapped around the corner. We'll probably see the same thing for Chick-fil-A. Long lines and crazy wait times seem to just be a thing whenever they open up a new location.

Rejoice Chick-fil-A lovers.....you won't have to only get your fix when you have a layover in an airport. I can almost taste a chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a shake right now!

We'll keep you posted with whatever additional info we hear!

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