The weather is sure being naughty, but there is somethin' nice in downtown Missoula this Sunday.

Once all the presents have been opened and the kids now have even more energy built up than they did a few hours ago, why not escape the house for awhile and enjoy a wonderful family outing? And you won't even have to put on layer after layer of winter clothing to do it.

Thanks to the combined efforts of volunteers and the generous support of the Sponsor of the Month, A Carousel for Missoula will be open on Christmas Day, offering free rides from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. The Carousel is located in Caras Park in downtown Missoula.

We can't guarantee you lots of free rides. That depends on how many kids show up. But there will no doubt be a pony or two that can't wait to give your kids at least a couple free spins. Maybe they can hop on Columbia Belle, Leo the Lionheart, Marguerite, Star Boy, Li'l Buck or Sweet Sue!

Built to provide the community of Missoula some good, old-fashioned fun, the Carousel continues to entertain children and adults. These beautiful hand-carved horses have become a signature Missoula showpiece, achieving much notoriety as a family-friendly destination.

In addition to the volunteers who will help make this event possible on Christmas day, A Carousel for Missoula also wanted us to make sure that we thanked on their behalf, their Sponsor of the Month, Milodragovich Dale & Steinbrenner P.C. The Carousel also wanted us to let you know they will be closed January 8-20 for cleaning and refurbishing.

We hope you can celebrate this special day with family and a Merry Carousel Christmas to all!

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