Who said April Fool’s Day is the only time you are allowed to prank your friends and family? Sometimes spending so much time with the family during the holiday season can be overwhelmingly stressful. What better way to lighten the mood then to play a few Christmas present pranks?


According to prank-money-jokes.com here are the best gift prank ideas…


  • Get a large envelope, mark the outside with ‘LIVE BEES’ and put in an electric toothbrush, switched on.
  • Give someone a dodgy, homemade basket of second-hand stuff as your Christmas pranks, this year. A toiletries basket with half-empty deodorant, used soap (complete with dirty cracks in it), mouthwash in a zip-lock bag, etc. Tell them you want the basket back for another gift.
  • Seal every edge of the wrapping paper on prank gifts, with sticky-tape.
  • Fill a box with IOUs and neatly ‘wallpaper’ the inside of the box with them all. Now just wrap and give.
  • Line a box with two garbage bags. Put half a dozen eggs in the waterproofed box, some sugar, milk and pour some flour in there. Tell the recipient that they need to shake the box up before they open it. (I hope they wanted a pancake maker.)
  • Get a small present, wrap it up and label it to your mum. Put that present in a bigger box, wrap and write your brothers name on it.
  • Fill a box full of knives, scissors and anything sharp, laying around the house. Wrap the box completely in tape and WRITE FRAGILE on it. (So that the recipient doesn’t decide to jump on the box of knives, or something.) Now wrap the gift up nicely.
  • Seal small gifts in a zip-lock bag, making sure to remove air from the bag. Now stick the gift in an icecream container, cover with water and freeze it, overnight. In the morning, put the frozen present into a plastic bag and gift-wrap nicely.
  • Wrap a bunch of bricks and stack them like a brick letterbox. Tell them it is a DIY letterbox kit.
  • Give someone a commercial size can of pineapple.
  • Tape $20 to a log and wrap the log.
  • Buy something dumb, tell the recipient that the real present is in the closet and when they check, lock them in there.
  • Put a small gift or voucher inside a play-pen ball. Put it in a large box and fill with more balls. Wrap the present nicely.
  • Get an x-box 360 box and put some cans of spaghetti or whatever in it for your brother or son.
  • Tape presents to the floor.
  • Make up gift certificates from places like dentists, doctors, pre-paid pap-smear appointments, etc.
  • Wrap smaller presents in the shape of something useless, like three boots or something.
  • Buy someone a packet of rice, or paper or a book called something like, 'How to buy a decent gift'.
  • If you have a gift that needs assembling, wrap and hide each different piece. Leave a clue for where the next piece is.
  • Wrap prank gifts in paper that can’t be torn. Do this, by covering the inside of the wrapping paper, with contact (clear, sticky plastic) before you begin the gift wrapping.

Spread a little Christmas cheer this year by surprising unsuspecting gift recipients with one of these silly pranks!

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