Missoula County Sheriff T.J. McDermott has asked the Missoula City Police Department to investigate an incident that occurred on Monday, in which sheriff's deputies responded to a call for service that included a gunshot suicide.

Public Information Officer Travis Welsh said the deputies responded to a residence in the 7700 block of Star Drive, and just after arriving at the scene, they heard a gunshot inside the home.

"Just to be clear, the shooting did not involve the deputy, or any law enforcement officer," Welsh said. "The deputies had been called to a disturbance at the residence in West Riverside, and while they were speaking with one of the parties outside, they heard what sounded like a gunshot coming from inside. When they investigated, they found a male who had a gunshot wound that was apparently self-inflicted."

Welsh said Sheriff McDermott reached out to the police department to investigate.

"The sheriff thought because there were deputies in the viciniity or on the premises, he asked us to do the follow-up investigation, as well as to investigate the original disturbance," he said. "We'll do the same type of investigation we would do on any scene. It appears to have been a suicide, but we'll gather all the facts that we can about what actually occurred there, and we'll see how that develops."

KGVO News has a policy never to release names of suicide victims.


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