Summer is beginning to wind down. Only a few more weeks before 6 months of winter. Outdoor enthusiasts are doing everything they can to squeeze as much of what is left of summer, before it is gone. Fishing, biking, camping and hiking are just a few of the popular outdoor activities that tend to take place here in Montana. But, humans are not the only ones trying to take advantage of what is left of summer. All sorts of wildlife are trying to fatten up before the snow starts to fly. Bears are chowing down on berries in the high country, and deer are packing on the pounds down low. But, mountain lions are on the hunt for good sources of food too.

Recently, a hiker posted footage of a standoff with a mountain lion in Glacier National Park. Trevor Rassmusen captured the footage while hiking a trail. According to his post on YouTube:

Here is my standoff with a mountain lion that happened last summer in Glacier National Park. I did see the abscess when filming it and the first thing I did when I got out of the woods was report it to some rangers. I showed them the video, the abscess and told them the location where it happened. Fortunately it was in a place that was easy enough to remember and the park rangers were on top of it. :) I was carrying bear spray.


No word on whether park rangers have caught up to the cat or not.

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