For years I have volunteered to judge some of the cooking competition at the Western Montana Far. Every year, Helen Moore, the WMF Culinary Superintendent, likes to give me a hard time. She seems sweet at first glance, but deep down she is a stone cold culinary killer. She talks a big game and insists that I know nothing of the culinary arts. Well TODAY we settle it on the FIELD OF BATTLE.

At 4p this afternoon, Helen and I will face off at the Western Montana Fair. Each of us have agreed to bring 3 dishes. An appetizer, a side dish and a main course.

Place your bets on who will come out on top. Going down in the Culnary Building in next to 4H Cafe and Glacier Ice Rink.

All jokes aside, I would like to thank Helen and her team for hooking me up with my custom bib and first ever BLUE RIBBON for "Messy Eater"


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