We don't call it Big Sky Country for nothing. If you get high enough on a mountain top, it almost feels like you can see the curvature of the earth. Which makes Montana a great place to search for UFOs. In fact, Montana is one of the top states for UFO sightings. So much so that we are home to footage of UFOs that appeared a few years after the incident in Roswell New Mexico.

According to the book Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials

In 1950, two spinning disks flew over Great Falls, Montana, and were filmed on a hand-held camera.  In separate incidents while a UFO was overhead, armed and ready nuclear missiles were suddenly deactivated as missile launch officers watched helplessly. The U.S. Air Force ordered these men never to tell anyone what happened.

The 1950s footage was captured by a Great Falls baseball coach, named Nick Mariana. He was quick to pick up a camera and film the 2 flying disks in the skies over Great Falls. Nick says the disks seemed to resemble polished metal. They wear approximately 50 feet in diameter and are separated 50 yards apart. He says he could not see any wings, exhaust, or fuselage. Knowing that Great Falls is never without wind, reports say that the discs were flying counter to the 37mph wind, so they were not balloons.

Was it extraterrestrials checking up on our nuclear arms at Malmstrom AFB? Watch the vintage footage and see it for yourself.

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