Devour the Day are digging deeper into their 'Time & Pressure' album, going with 'Respect' as their latest single. And they've teamed with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of the song's video.

The clip is essentially a performance piece with the band providing a powerful rendition of the track at Nashville's Mercy Lounge with director Charles Brandon using some jarring camera shots to drive home the heaviness of the song.

Guitarist Joey "Chicago" Walser tells Loudwire, “When people in your life are out of touch with how much their actions influence you, the first thing you start to lose is respect for them. Blake [Allison] and I wrote this song to send a message to all those that have done us wrong and through their own selfishness, changed the course of our lives. It’s not until later and after all the dust settles do you realize that you’re better off without them.”

Look for Devour the Day performing 'Respect' and other favorites on their upcoming tour dates, which can be found below. They return to the road Aug. 19 in Cleveland, with dates booked into mid-September.

Devour the Day's 'Time & Pressure' is currently available at Amazon and iTunes.

Devour the Day 2014 Tour Dates

8/19 -- Cleveland, Ohio -- Agora Ballroom
8/20 -- Columbus, Ohio -- Basement
8/21 -- Elkhart, Ind. -- Five Star Dive Bar
8/23 -- Louisville, Ky. -- Kentucky State Fair - Fairgrounds Stadium
9/13 -- Janesville, Wis. -- JJO Sonic Boom/Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport
9/16 -- Minneapolis, Minn. -- Mill City Nights
9/17 -- Fargo, N.D. -- The Venue

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