Devour the Day were one of 2013's big success stories and the group is looking to carry over that momentum into 2014. The duo is just about to re-issue their 'Time & Pressure' album with bonus content this week and they're also exclusively premiering their new lyric video for 'Move On' right here at Loudwire.

This is a deeply personal song for bassist Joey "Chicago" Walser, who says the song came out of a dark period in his life when he realized that both his marriage and his longtime band, Egypt Central, were essentially over.

"I remember myself standing outside of a downtown Chicago apartment, freezing in the snow without socks or shoes, waiting on a ride from anyone that would come get me,' recalls bassist Joey "Chicago" Walser. 'I had just been removed from my house by the police, in front of my crying children. My wife, who I discovered was having an affair with her drug dealer, was screaming and hurling hatred at me, to combat her guilt, as the officers and apartment staff pulled me into the elevator. As I stood there in the snow, chained to my confusion and pain, I received a call. John, the singer of the band I had put ten years of hard work into, was quitting. No real explanation, just the end. Everything was over. I had discovered my wife's infidelity at 7AM, and by 9AM, my marriage, my home and my career were over. I was empty. I watched my breath as it hit the frozen air and drift away. But I was still alive. After months of hurting in a way only those of us who have experienced real tragedy would, I remembered that simple fact: I was still alive."

Walser adds, "I wanted to write a song about that moment, when you stop crying and hurting and feeling bad for yourself. The instant when you stop allowing everything that has been piled on you, to crush and destroy you. After all that devastation, I had two choices. I could let the circumstances overcome and conquer me, I could let this swallow me whole or I could refuse and keep fighting. I would not give in. I will move on. That is honestly what the song personally means to me. Nothing better than the truth."

Meanwhile, frontman Blake Allison adds, “We’re excited about the reaction fans have given this song. Joey’s lyrics have always been some of the most insightful and honest I’ve ever heard. When he first shared his idea with me about ‘Move On,’ his words were so immediately powerful and heart-wrenching. I couldn’t wait to get together with him and finish it up. I think we came up with a song that’s equally powerful, lyrically and musically. Out of all the songs on the album, ‘Move On’ really hits close to home for so many people.”

As previously mentioned, 'Move On' is featured on the 'Time & Pressure' album. It follows the breakout single 'Good Man.' The 'Time & Pressure' re-issue arrives tomorrow (Jan. 14) via Fat Lady Music and Caroline, featuring an acoustic version of 'Good Man' plus a brand-new track called 'Check Your Head.' The disc is currently available at both Amazon and iTunes. Fans can also look for Devour the Day taking part in 'The Hellpop II' tour featuring In This Moment, Butcher Babies and All Hail the Yeti. The trek runs through late January.

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