Are you a fan of driving around a looking at holiday light displays? It was always a highlight of the holiday season for me from a young age. Cruising around town with family, trying to spot the biggest and brightest holiday lights. But, rarely did we come across interactive holiday displays. The best we could find was when our neighborhood church would do a live nativity scene and we would try and see if we could get Joseph or Mary to crack a smile.

Missoula has had a special place to stop on holiday light tours in recent years. The infamous "Whoville Island" on Missoula's westside. Prior to the pandemic, "The Grinch" himself would host guests who stopped by to check out the holiday lights. Greeting children and dishing out a fair share of holiday insults. Not to mention the synchronized broadcast of holiday music via FM radio transmitters.

Credit: Kirk Easter
Credit: Kirk Easter

Unfortunately the "Grinch" had to step down for a while, as the world recovered from COVID-19.

However, we just received BREAKING NEWS that the Grinch as well as some Minions will be returning to Humble Road this holiday season.

According to the press release from "Mr. Grinch."

I've been doing this for a number of years but shut down due to covid and health issues. I AM BACK! Last season my family and I took our "light tour road trip" and found very Few options to enjoy.......

This year, the Grinch is teaming up with Big Sky DECA group as the local charity. Visitors can make donations, purchase hot cocoa or even buy Grinch merchandise. With proceeds going to Big Sky DECA.

Grinch-guided walking tours will take place on Saturday, December 16th from 6-9 pm and Saturday, December 23rd from 6-9 pm.

2101 Humble Road in Missoula, MT

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