Back in 2020, a Facebook group was formed with the goal to bring back the annual "Santa Flyover." Something that Missoulians haven't witnessed since 2005. It looks like that tradition will continue for 2022.

According to a 2005 article in the Missoulian 

Northwest Fresh Tidyman's closed its Missoula store in July, the flying Santa Claus almost went down with it.

Tidyman's had decided the flying Santa money would be better spent on meals and presents for families who needed help during the holidays. The company put Santa into storage after 10 years of making appearances in Missoula's skies.

Thanks to all the generous donations from the local community, with everyone's help, the 2023 Santa Flyover is HAPPENING!

According to the

Santa's Dash Through the Big Sky flyover is tonight at 6:30pm! The route he will take is loosely based off the attached image and will change due to weather and visibility conditions during the flight at the pilot’s discretion.

Minute Man Aviation has released a detailed map showing the exact flight path of Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. That way you can find the perfect spot to set the whole family up and watch Santa and his sleigh fly the friendly skies of western Montana. Minute Man Aviation has also put together a website that will allow you to track Santa LIVE during his flight around the valley. Simply visit

minuteman aviation inc
minuteman aviation inc/406SANTA.ORG

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