We all think Montana is a pretty neat place to live. But, did you know that Montana is considered by some to be "the perfect state?"

If you are going to take advice from someone, you want to get it from someone who has a reputation for being honest. Look no further than "Honest Abe" when it comes to picking the perfect state in the entire United States of America.

I have noticed a quote from Abe Lincoln from time to time that made me wonder if it was a REAL quote from our 16th president.

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Back during the bloody years of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln has more on his presidential duties list than just fighting a war. He also had to handle the day-to-day operations of an entire country. One of those items on his list was continuing expansion west.

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On May 26, 1864, then-President Abraham Lincoln signed into legislature the Montana Organic Act. This document effectively made Montana a territory of the Union (which encompassed the geographical north of what would come to be the United States).  For Lincoln, no term better embodied the wildness, the grandeur, and the rugged topography of this newly acquired territory.

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Shortly after signing the Montana Organic Act, Abraham Lincoln said the famous quote:

My favorite state has not yet been invented. It will be called Montana, and it will be perfect.

It took 25 more years after Lincoln was assassinated for his favorite state to officially be created. It is sad to think that Abe Lincoln never got to visit Montana after we got our statehood in 1889. But, we cannot deny his feelings about the Treasure State.


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