There was something about the feeling you got walking into a video rental store in the 80s and 90s. The feeling of anticipation on whether or not you were going to be able to snag a copy of the newest hit release. Or whether someone finally returned the only copy of that movie that everyone has been talking about for months. Spending nearly an hour trying to make your decision on what to rent. Knowing that you are going to live with that selection for the entire weekend.

Walking into a video rental store is a feeling that is hard to explain to the younger generation.

Over the past twenty years, streaming services have made it easier to access movies and television shows without leaving your home. Making video rental stores obsolete. But, there is still a customer base of people out there. Which means there are still a few rental options available.

REDBOX vending machines have popped up all over the place. Making it easy to select a movie and return it in a convenient location. But, it is not the same as entering an actual video store. Montana still has some classic video rental stores sprinkled around the state.

I recently had an issue with my internet service at my home. As a household that is strictly a streaming-only home, this was devastating for the whole family. "What are we going to do?" It felt like being transported back to the dark ages. It was then that a lightbulb popped up in my head. "I will just run to the video store and pick up some movies." But, where can I find an actual video store?

SUPER ONE FOODS has multiple locations in Montana that feature a full video rental library.

1091 Pictures/YouTube
1091 Pictures/YouTube

I have walked by this place hundreds of times and never thought anything about it. But, in my time of desperation, I realized how much we need to cherish what few video rental places we have left.

Most of the smaller communities in Montana still have video rental options in their grocery stores. Some towns still have actual video rental stores like Dillon Video on Montana Street in Dillon, Montana. Or how about the Hollywood Video in East Helena?

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