You probably wouldn't be able to tell by looking at available rentals, but Montana is a very dog-friendly place. Most places in Montana are also very bike friendly. Just a few of the things that make Montana so special. Thanks to a genius inventor in Bend, Oregon, we can now combine two of our favorite things.

I present to you the Dog Powered Scooter.

The premise is simple. You simply attach a harness to your dog and go for a walk. The harness acts much like a harness a sled dog might wear for the Iditarod race in Alaska. The harness then attaches to a lightweight scooter, and away you go. Your dog can get some much-needed exercise, plus you can get around with a little assistance from your best friend.

According to the Dog Powered Scooter website

Its a 2 point clip in that only lets the dog go forward, They cannot turn  to apply a side load and affecting the handling. IF they do try to chase something you will get a shot of forward energy which is controllable with the steering and braking. That 2 point clipin also allows the dog to support the scooter vertically, thus ADDING stability to the already low center of gravity easy to ride scooter.


The dog-powered scooter is not cheap. A Schwinn scooter alone cost roughly $425. Plus the dog harness setup will cost another $260. And you can add up to 3 harnesses to one scooter. Making room for the entire wolfpack to join you on your ride.

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