I swear to you, I am not purposely trying to bash Florida this week, the state is just chock full of bats**t crazy folks and a new day means a new kook.

A 50-year-old dude named John Balmer was sporting a shirt that said 'Who Needs Drugs - No Seriously, I Have Drugs' when he went to make a drug deal at the local K-Mart. when he spotted a cop in the store, John allegedly attempted to hand the person behind him in line a bag of weed, when the person wouldn't take it, he dropped it on the floor and paid for his things.

That's when a second officer approached and a worker told him about the bag. It contained weed and meth so John was cuffed in front of the Hot Stuff Crane Machine and carted off to get a mug shot in his 'I Have Drugs' t-shirt.