We were just discussing today about the dangers of elk crossing highways in Montana. It has gotten more and more common, as elk are being pushed from public land onto private land. Even with the current mating season of elk in Montana, herds are starting to grow in size. By the time snow starts to fly, it is common to see giant herds in the hundreds. When these herds decide to move, they don't care much about vehicle traffic, making it very scary on some of Montana's roadways.

Since we are currently in the "rut," or mating season, it is also common to find love sick bull elk casually wandering the countryside looking for love. These bulls have there mind on one thing, and it is NOT vehicle traffic. Which is probably why an elk hunter recently found himself in a collision with a bull elk near Wolf Creek.

According to KXLF in Butte

MHP trooper Amanda Villa says the vehicle hit the elk at highway speeds, causing it to roll three to four times, killing the elk and totaling the vehicle.

The hunter only appeared to have a broken arm and a few other minor injuries, but Trooper Villa says the collision could have been a lot worse had the hunter not been wearing a seat belt.

Kind of ironic how the elk hunter was returning from an elk hunt, only to collide with an elk in his truck. It reminds me a lot of comedian Ron White's stand-up bit about hunting.

Successful Montana Elk Hunts


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