I have seen the ad plastered all over social media today. Finally my weeks of painstakingly grooming my "furry friend" pays off. In celebration of "No Shave November" Coldstone Creamery is offering FREE ice cream to guys with beards. The first 50 "beardos" that show up to Coldstone will get a complimentary treat.

After learning of this offer, I grabbed my keys and ran for the door. But, something about it didn't seem right. I wanted to do a little more research before I made the trip across town to get my little cup of heaven.

SORRY TO BREAK YOUR HEART! But, as it turns out, the offer is only available in India.... Yes, INDIA!

My only hope is that the promotion goes so well in India, that Coldstone will bring it back home and maybe I will get that free cup of ice cream. Then, my only issue will be trying to get a majority of the ice cream in my mouth and not just in my beard.


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