As Thanksgiving approaches gas prices in Montana continue to drop. The statewide average price knocked off about six cents in the past week, but according to Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan, some parts of the state have more to be thankful for than others.

"The lowest price in Montana is a $2:49 price in Bainville," DeHaan said, "but other than that, Billings has the cheapest gas with prices around $2.59 a gallon, and of course, in Missoula prices are a little bit higher we're looking at the lowest price in Missoula coming in at $2.79 at the Costco there, but most stations are about $2.89."

Holiday travelers heading west should fill up before they set out, but those heading east may find cheaper prices.

"Looking at Montana, I think what you're going to find is higher prices really no matter where you go," DeHaan said. "Idaho has a little bit higher prices, Washington and Oregon are pretty rough, but if you're heading into the Dakotas right at the state line you'll find some relief and the further east you go the better."

According to DeHaan, the good news for motorists is expected to continue for quite some time as the price of oil continues to drop.

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