Despite the bizarre year we've all had, some of the bigger rock and metal artists have started releasing and announcing new albums recently. Ghost fans can look forward to hearing a new album from the band sometime this winter, according to an interview Tobias Forge did with Sweden's VK.

Translated from Swedish, the article states that although Ghost's March 2021 tour plans have been pushed back until later in the year, a new album will still be out this winter. It also notes that while these unprecedented times relate to the subject matter Ghost usually cover in their music, Forge didn't actually write any of the new songs about the global pandemic.

"I have already made a record about God's wrath and doomsday, even if Prequelle was not about just infection from a medical perspective," the frontman said. "But I have a feeling that there will be plenty of doomsday and quarantine-confirming records in the future, and I think I might not participate in it."

Last June, Forge confirmed that Ghost were going to enter the studio in January of this year to start recording the follow-up to Prequelle. He had spoken about the possibility of it being delayed, too, but no one could have foreseen it happening because of a pandemic.

Actually, he also said Ghost would be doing "absolutely zero" touring throughout this year, so maybe he really is a prophet. Stay tuned for further news on the upcoming album.

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