I was driving through Deer Lodge the other day, on a summer road trip. I noticed as I drove by the guard towers of the Old Montana State Prison, I felt un-easy. I sure it is because the prison is one of the biggest paranormal hot spots in Montana. Or, in other words, "ITS HAUNTED...BIG TIME!"

Western Montana's local paranormal research group, Tortured Souls Investigations, has conducted research of the prison for years. Some of their findings will make your hair stand up on your arm.

Take the following clip for example. In 2013, during a tour of the Old Montana State Prison, TSI discovered a woman's voice on their audio recordings. It was strange to the team, as the prison only housed male prisoners. They took the audio to the curator of the prison, and come to find that the prison was at one time a co-ed prison, and they coincidentally captured the audio in what used to be the women's ward.

Pay close attention to the following video. You will hear an investigator ask "is there anyone here?" Followed by a disembodied woman's voice saying "Nancy."

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