If you are a fan of the Food Network, then chances are you have seen the beautiful Giada De Laurentiis pop up on your television about a hundred times. It’s not the only thing that pops up. Great meal ideas! Kidding. We meant our little Italian sausages.

A few years ago, Food Network put out a short lived show called ‘Giada in Paradise.’ It was the greatest show ever made. Basically, it took smoking hot chef Giada and put her in her favorite vacation destinations to explore the culture and foods. She was in a bikini or some kind of sexy beachwear about 73% of the time. You know all that kitchen cleavage she usually shows off? Yeah, well, multiple that by a hundred.

Her biggest show, ‘Everyday Italian,’ hasn’t filmed new episodes since 2006 but still airs on Food Network and she has another show called ‘Giada At Home’ which also still airs. This hottie is all over the boob tube. We already love Food Network for it’s crazy shows about bad for you food, but Giada makes it worth watching any time of the day time.

Giada is our little meatball, um, Crush of the Day.



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