The Grinch has wasted no time in putting a damper on this holiday season.

A security guard in a public park in Portland, Oregon stopped Madison Root, 11, from selling mistletoe last weekend because she didn’t have a permit.

Strangely, the city has no beef with begging in the park, claiming it’s protected under the First Amendment.

Root, who was trying to raise money to help her dad pay for her braces, was stunned:

I don't want to beg! I would rather work for something than beg. It's crazy. People can get money for pot. But I can't get money for braces. I'm working for this! They're just sitting down on their butts all day asking for pot."

Word about Madison's efforts quickly spread and the publicity has been a boon to her business. She's been inundated with offers for mistletoe and has even set up her own website to take orders.


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