Today at approximately 10 a.m., a mother and her two children from Bakersfield, California, were recognized as representatives of the 100 millionth visitors to Glacier National Park.  "I think [14-year-old Pierce and 10-year-old Gretchen and their Mother Becky] were very surprised as they came in to the entrance station and rangers said 'Hey! You guys are a big winner today!' type of thing," Glacier Management Assistant Denise Germann said. "We took them to the Apgar Visitor Center, we presented them with an assortment with gifts and gift certificates that were donated by our official partners and concessionaires. We had cake, a little celebration, and then we gave them a picnic lunch, put them on a red bus, and they headed up to Logan Pass for the afternoon."

Germann said all records aside, Glacier is more importantly celebrating in engaging the next generation to the park.

"What's really cool about it is, the two kids both Pierce and Gretchen, they represent the future. They represent the future of the park service and of Glacier National Park," Germann said. "For many of us, summer is here when you've got access to Logan Pass. Again, it's a different world up there, it's winter up there, so please be prepared and drive carefully."

In other news, Germann said the west side of the Going to the Sun Road was opened yesterday to vehicles to Logan Pass.

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