According to the National Weather Service, Missoula experienced a record amount of snowfall on February 25, 2019. Meteorologist Leeann Allegretto explains.

“In a one 24-hour time period, which was Monday, we got 8.6 inches and that does break the record for the day,” Allegretto said. “The last record for the day, in the 24-hour period, was in 1917. The old record was eight inches. We beat it by .6 and that is the new 24-hour record for the day.”

Over eight inches may seem like a ridiculous amount of snow to some of us in Missoula, but other places in Montana are getting hit much harder than we are.

“The top winners if you will, were Stevensville with 26 inches, Southeast Hamilton had 25 inches, West Hamilton had 18, Lolo had 24 inches, Victor had 24 inches, and Florence had 23 inches,” Allegretto said. “It just goes on and on and on.”

Allegretto predicts that another system will come in early Wednesday. We should expect to see anywhere from two to four more inches in Missoula.

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