These dudes have done a lot since I first jammed out to "Kerplunk" on cassette. They have done everything, even Broadway. Now the bay area punkers are looking to release a new album in 2012. According to

"The band has been talking up its ninth studio release for some time now, starting while they were on their 21st Century Breakdown tour.  They said they had 30 songs written for the next album, and we can only imagine that the amount of new material has grown over the last year.

That’s a lot of songs to sort through, but Green Day was able to sift through. Titles that have surfaced so far include ‘Nuclear Family,’ ‘Too Young to Die,’ ‘Carpe Diem’ and ‘Little Boy Named Train,’ as well as ‘Amy,’ a song written in honor of the recently deceased Amy Winehouse."
Still no word on when the album will be in stores, but until then enjoy a couple of the new tracks from the band. The quality sucks donkey dingle, but it is just audio from a secret show they hooked up back in August.

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