We are getting amped up for the "Brawl of the Wild." The yearly statewide bloodbath that takes place between the Griz and the Bobcats. We always have a lot of fun with this rivalry. It always seems to turn into more than just a team rivalry and almost resembles a civil war between east and west.

Our sister station 107.5 Zoo FM and the "Tallest DJ" issued a challenge to get more views on a Griz video than the Bobcats can get on their video.

“Blue Bobcat Cup” has received more than 27,000 YouTube views since being posted in September. That’s a lot of views… but we think we can top that! We are re-posting the “Blue Bobcat Cup” video and debuting “Keep It Grizzly” right here on our website. The video that gets the most views by kickoff of the Griz-Cat football game Saturday, Nov. 17 will be crowned the winner.

I feel that this should be a easy victory for us here in Griz Nation! The video for "Keep it Grizzly" is not only full of Griz pride, but is also fun to watch.

Now, the Bobcat video is not anywhere near as good. The video represents Bobcat pride like ours but parodies a country song that makes my ears bleed.

If the Bobcats want any chance of winning this, they need to rethink the production of the video. As we all know, sex sells! Why not change the Toby Keith parody from "Blue Bobcat Cup" to "Double D Cup?" Sit back and watch the views pile up.

Not sure why I am offering up this advice to the rival, but I'm just saying "think smarter not harder."


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