After reading of the dirty deeds performed in the bathroom at the Motorhead concert in Chicago, I've had a bathroom obsession.  No, I didn't find a friend to christen my own throne room with, but I did find some cool stuff people have done to theirs.

Imagine you are at a bar, and nature calls.  There is nothing exciting about this... until now.  Hands free video games above the urinal.  Hands free? How ever would someone control the game?  The answer is simple... you pee!  Sensors in the urinal measure your stream accuracy and control the game as you relieve yourself.  Now grown men are going to be running back to the bar for beer to fill the tanks just the same as they ran to mommy for more quarters to drop into Pac Man in their youth.  I can just see the competitions now...  low score buys the next round.  My question is how awkward would a two player game be?