If you've been following the presidential election, you know it's been pure carnage as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have verbally been taking chunks out of each other. And it seems on this election day, they've decided to invade a GWAR performance for The AV Club.

GWAR have joined in the AV Club's "Undercover Series," which has acts choosing cover songs from a selected list to cover and for the performance seen above, GWAR chose the all too appropriate, "If You Want Blood" from AC/DC, with a little twist opening as they nimbly tackle Boston's "Foreplay" as an intro leading up to the track.

Given that GWAR have a history of welcoming figures to the stage, they invited their versions of Trump and Clinton to the stage during the performance as they continue to duke it out. Who gets the upper hand? Both figures take turns, before Hillary manages to de-skin Trump leading the plenty of "blood" that that band had been singing about. But GWAR were having none of it and Hillary is soon picked apart as well. As stated in the surprisingly political clip, "Nobody wins!"

The performance of the AC/DC comes just ahead of a pair of other covers the band has done. Bohabs will want to make their way to their local record store this Black Friday as the band is offering a limited edition picture disc titled "Black Friday." On one side of the vinyl will be a cover of Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" with a cover of Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" on the flip side. The late Dave Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus) is featured on the the Billy Ocean cover, his last recording, while new singer Blothar fronts the Pet Shop Boys cover. So make sure to get out to participating record stores on Nov. 25 to pick up this valued piece of GWAR history.

GWAR will head to their Antarctic Fortress this winter to start work on a new album, their first release featuring the Berserker Blothar. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming disc.

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