Missoula has been in the grips of an affordable housing issue since before the start of the pandemic. There is simply not enough supply to handle the demand. Which makes the price of what is available skyrocket, essentially making it too expensive for some Missoulians to live here.

San Francisco experienced a similar problem to Missoula.

According to a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Missoula housing market is eerily similar to the San Francisco market. Underbuilding led to home prices skyrocketing, not to mention the severe lack of inventory. Using Zillow data, the San Francisco Chronicle wanted to see what areas of the US were experiencing a similar market.

Our small mountain town is facing an affordable housing crisis. Gone are the days of only having to work one job to afford a mortgage. Now Missoulians are facing the choice of either paying higher prices for homes or moving somewhere more affordable. For some people, the thought of having to relocate from their hometown is heartbreaking. There is an obvious fear among some about where the Missoula market is heading.

In times like these sometimes a little humor can lighten the mood.

Comedy Central has a series of short videos that they call "Mini-Mocks." These are essentially fake documentaries about goofy topics. When I recently stumbled across a recent one about "Living in Bouncy Houses," I couldn't help but chuckle.

Could inflatable housing be the solution to affordable housing? Who knows if Missoula will ever have to resort to it. But the luxury model does look pretty fancy. Maybe inflatable housing could also help with inflation?

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