What is going on in Whitefish, Montana? We thought property values in Missoula were ridiculous, Whitefish is going to the next level.

Last week we shared with you a 1.1 million dollar listing that was going viral on social media. It was a simple home with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. People online thought it was a ridiculous asking price. That was until another 1.1 million dollar listing popped up in Whitefish.

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According to Business Insider

Kirk Rossiter, a real-estate agent in Whitefish, posted a video of the property — and its comparably outsize price tag — on Instagram. Some 3.2 million views, 33,5000 likes, and 8,214 comments later, some users have expressed disbelief at the listed price of the home relative to its humble appearance while others have debated what secrets could justify its high price tag.

The comments people are making about the property are hilarious.

Some of the best comments are:

  • I've been robbed at a crackhouse that was nicer than this.
  • There better be a damn Batman cave under it for that price
  • That’s a glorified shipping container with a roof.
  • 1.1 million pesos?

WATCH: Kirk Rossiter's video on Instagram.


The agent in charge of selling the property is Heather Reddig. According to the listing online, there are a few reasons it the price tag is so high.

With WR-4 zoning & spanning 2 lots, a rare & versatile opportunity awaits for investors. The potential is boundless, from a redevelopment with 2 new residences to the creation of a duplex or even securing a business cond. use permit. The home requires TLC & harbors a trove of treasures that will seamlessly transfer to the new owner 2 weeks prior to closing.

Check out some photos of the home at 428 Obrien AvenueWhitefishMT

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