I became a first-time home buyer in 2015. That's right! I put on my "big boy pants" and dived into the exciting world of home ownership. Now, my "starter home" is a little small (900 sq feet.) But, that is what most starter homes are. They are just a stepping stone for you to use in your quest to one day live comfortably in a home that is the size you like.

Unfortunately for me, right around the time I began to research possibly selling my starter home and making a step up, the pandemic hit. Followed by the huge increase in property values in Montana. So here I am, 9 years later, still living in my tiny home. The only option I have to move, even with my increased equity, is a lateral move. Meaning I can't afford a much bigger home than I got.


In some corners of Montana, there are astronomical property values. Places where even the little "starter homes" are ridiculously overpriced.

I recently stumbled across an Instagram video talking about a "1.1 million dollar home in Whitefish, Montana." I assumed the home was going to be a mini-mansion with gold-plated toilets and chandeliers. But, this listing is just an average-looking suburban home.

  • 2200 square feet
  • 3 bed
  • 3 bath
  • garage
  • New addition

According to Rossiter Realty on Instagram

This home was newly remodeled in 2020 and is located very close to downtown Whitefish. It’s beautiful, great for a new family, and is in a quiet historic neighborhood. It even has a nice sized back yard and porch perfect for the warm summer evenings!

See for yourself what 1.1 million dollars will get you in Whitefish, MT.

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