It is almost officially Spring, and it is time to start the process of making the things you own NOT smell like a combination of old cheese and taco meat. Here in Montana, the warm temperatures we had this past weekend set off a silent alarm in my head. One minute spent outside had me panicking to get things buttoned up before my mind turns to nothing but playtime. As soon as summer hits, projects around the house tend to take a backseat to fishing and other summertime fun. But, cleaning up after an entire winter can be a drag. From the semi frozen dog poo, to the leaves you overlooked raking this past fall.

Spring cleaning might actually make you happier. For example: Researchers polled 2,000 people, and found that every hour of cleaning you do each week is associated with a 53% boost in overall happiness. Just organizing clutter can lower feelings of anxiety. Deep down you will simply feel better about yourself if you just roll up your sleeves and get to work.

So, if you want to use some elbow grease and start all means. I am a firm believer in the KISS strategy (Keep It Simple Stupid.) I also am a fan of the saying "work smarter, not harder." That is why I am always searching for an easier way to do things. Thankfully there are LIFE HACKS. Try some of these great life hacks from Buzzfeed Nifty and save yourself some time to enjoy the Spring flowers.


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