Halloween is nearly 2 weeks away, and people are busy putting together their costumes and Halloween parties. What usually was a holiday that mostly children celebrated, has recently turned into a predominantly adult holiday. So, when at an adult party, why not have adult drinks?

When it comes to Halloween drink recipes, the grosser they look, the better. Typically anything that looks like blood or gore will fly at a Halloween party. But, it has to taste good too.

The Tipsy Bartender YouTube channel has put together a shot that does not only have a decent amount of gore, but it sounds tasty.

Simply pour 3/4 oz of Peach Schnapps into a tall shot glass. Using a spoon, layer equal parts Bailey's Irish Cream and Jaegermeister. Slowly drip a "cap full" of cherry grenadine. Voila! ZOMBIE BRAINS.

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